Segment 1: Overview

*Essential reading materials


Understanding Human Rights

*What are human rights?  

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Core UN Human Rights Instruments

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

More on UDHR: Wikipedia with references to history and criticism, UN research website


What is the place of CRPD in international law?

*Has your country signed and/or ratified CRPD?  Its Optional Protocol?

*Get to know the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Sessions of CRPD Committee – with links to govt, Committee, NGO materials for each country review

UN Treaty Body System (see p 19-40)


CRPD Structure and Overview

*CRPD and *CRPD Optional Protocol


CRPD Drafting and Negotiations from Survivor Perspective

*WNUSP Advocacy Paper to Mexico Expert Meeting 2002

Resource: CRPD Negotiation Archives

Some of the contributions by WNUSP

CRPD Advocacy by WNUSP: The Emergence of User/Survivor Perspective in Human Rights


More resources:

Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council

Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities



Fall 2017 materials:

Lecture #1 video recording and slides segment 1 fa2017

Spring 2017 materials:

Lecture #1  (playback – note that it works on Firefox and Chrome browsers, may not work on others)

Power point for Segment 1 (and pdf version segment 1)



1 page reflection on any of the topics raised in the readings and/or lecture.

Please also indicate whether you are new to human rights and/or CRPD or what level of knowledge you have, and share any relevant information about yourself that you would like the instructor to know.


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