Course content

General Materials

Segment 1: Overview

Human rights treaties, CRPD structure and overview, drafting and negotiations from survivor perspective

Segment 2: Torture

Forced psychiatric interventions as torture: advocacy background and rationale, UN response, purpose and effectiveness

Segment 3: Legal Capacity

General Comment No. 1, law reform initiatives, principles and practices of support and respect for decision-making

Segment 4: Liberty

Guidelines on Article 14, prohibition of commitment and forced treatment, criminal responsibility

Segment 5: Articles 19 and 25

Initiatives and practices for supports and services outside medical model, how does independent living relate to people with psychosocial disabilities?

Segments 6 and 7: Process of implementation and monitoring

Human rights treaties in domestic law, CRPD process obligations, country reviews, civil society engagement, examples and lessons from domestic advocacy

Segment 8 – Optional topics

Spring 2017 topic – Criminal responsibility

Fall 2017 topic – Intersectionality

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