General Materials

CRPD and its Optional Protocol

Ratifications CRPD and CRPD-OP

CRPD General Comment No. 1 (on Art 12)

CRPD Guidelines on Article 14

CRPD General Comment No. 3 (on Art 6)

CRPD General Comment No. 5 (on Art 19)

CRPD General Comment No. 6 (on Art 5)

Compilation of CRPD Concluding Observations by IDA


African Disability Protocol [to be added]


UN Enable website (Dept of Economic and Social Affairs), history and activities related to CRPD

Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

OHCHR Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Reports by OHCHR disability adviser, and more)

Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


CRPD negotiation archives (links to each session with all related materials; note not all WNUSP submissions are included due to changes in process over time and some errors)


CHRUSP (see mainly Resources and More Resources pages)

Minkowitz author page SSRN (links to articles)

Minkowitz page on (independent) and alternate page (UIO) (links to articles)
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